“To provide, with maximum effort, the agronomic information necessary to our client’s success for maximum profitability, sustainability and environmentally responsible practices for their farming operation.”

Welcome to MAX Agronomy

As independent agronomists, our only goal is your success, and our success is directly tied to yours! So how successful could you be? MAX Agronomy has 37 years of experience providing agronomic information to growers across the State of Michigan as well as internationally. As such, the success we have enjoyed with our clients over those 37 years is infused into our ability and our drive to help you achieve success in your business, too.

We use our knowledge of soil fertility, physics, and biology, combined with an ever-growing supply of farmer-driven data to give you the quality information necessary to maximize profit per acre, in so far as controlling inputs that fall under the purview of “soil fertility.”

With that part of your operation under control, the other practices and pieces of equipment used to maximize efficiency and profitability are much more effective. Over time, we look at trends,  zone stability and fertilizer economics to arrive at the proper recommendation for each field every year. As we do not sell, nor are connected with sales of fertilizer materials, we are unbiased in what we present.

MAX Agronomy: Helping you manage your most important resource...Your soil!

Soil and Fertility MAnagement Consulttiaons

Soil and Fertility Management Consulting


When it comes to soil fertility, we have the experience to get your soils productive and keep them that way.

Management Zone Development


Soils differ in their ability to produce. Defined spatial variability is necessary to correctly treat zones within fields.

Data Management and Prescription Technology


Farmers have the capability to create large amounts of data for developing strategies for efficient treatments and field prescriptions.

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