Data Management and Prescription Technology

When it comes to variable rate prescription and data management, virtually every farm is using some type of monitor and if you are not, your input supplier is. Regardless, these monitors produce a lot of data that can be used to help manage your fields. Even good sources of imagery can be used to identify zones for treatment. MAX Agronomy can help you utilize the data from your monitors.

Yield, planter, and sprayer data can be downloaded and put into a report format for your records and in some cases for your banker and insurance agent. If you are having custom applications done, request “as applied” data files. We use your data to help make management zones and to help you make decisions on inputs. And it’s your data!

The case for using a variable rate prescription is well documented. MAX Agronomy can put any material you want to utilize on your farm into a prescription of some kind if you so desire. All our recommendations for corrective or maintenance treatments are variable rate ready and can be put into just about any format that you or a supplier would use.

Planting prescriptions and nitrogen rate prescriptions… we have the experience to help you. We currently have a license for Ag Leaders Agfiniti so if you have AgLeader monitors we can access those over the cloud. We also have several who utilize John Deere’s JD Link.

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