Management Zone Development

At MAX Agronomy we understand that soils have different capabilities as far as the ability to produce. We develop a management zone based on soil type first. It is not possible to mix two different types of soils and get a representative analysis back on which we are basing input decisions that your money is being spent on.

Soil type, elevation, and color are some of the attributes we use to form zones. Over time, we are interested in stable zones for treatment and “researching”. Once the infield variability is locked in the accuracy of input delivery, be it fertilizer, seed or Nitrogen…becomes very efficient.

Growers can also then research different practices across these zones to keep reaching for maximum profit per acre in any one year. We use farmer driven data as well to increase the accuracy of our management zone development. Things like yield maps, elevation maps and imagery can also be used to develop these zones. We look at trends over time for these zones to make sure that fertility levels remain balanced and more than adequate for optimum crop production.

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